Moments of Joy of Svetlana Chaikovska

An artist Svetlana Chaikovska is 41 years old and lives in Riga. She studied Economics as a degree at University.

Teachers of art: Latvian artists Dmitry Ignatovich and Svetlana Sokolova-Gushina.

Technique: oil on canvas.

Several years ago, art has made its way into the life of Latvian Svetlana Chaikovska. It happened rapidly and irresistibly, like a change of season. When the air is stridently transparent, paints are clean and the flowers are fresh and vibrant. And even in the buds of flowers throbs a premonition of growth, meaning, happiness, and harmony of life. This feeling became the main paradigm in her work.

Paintings by a Baltic artist has its oriental roots. Svetlana Chaikovska many years was fond of yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic culture. She has also just realized her greatest dream: she visited the spiritual practices in Kerala (India) on the shores of the ocean. She returned after her spiritual trip as a different person. Her irresistible desire to start painting in adulthood should not be seen as women's whim or caprice, but as a result of powerful spiritual personality and the sense of inner self. Painting learning to make art was achieved by Svetlana easily, as if the energy of inspiration inside of her was looking for a way out. Although, the artist uses a complicated technique which requires the use of knife work. "More than the beauty of nature and the power of the ocean in India, I was struck by the people" - says Svetlana and continues, "Their cheerfulness is not clouded even by poverty! Life is filled with light, growth, happiness and contemplation. Oil and canvas helps to express and maintain momentary moments of joy and harmony and I am happy when it is possible to share it with others."

Femininely emotional and done with Baltic temperance, the colour palette of Svetlana Chaikovska's work carries powerful and positive energy. Ease of brushwork, combined with the large size of the picture (100 x 120 cm), solves the problem of organizing space easily and elegantly. Even one of the works is bestowed with striking coloristic accent of the interior stylish modern house or office.

Several dozen paintings Svetlana Chaikovska were purchased and are located in private collections in Riga and Moscow. In 2015, Sveltana participated in a joint art project "The pink-colored glasses" with her mentor S. Sokolova-Gushchina. At the moment, Svetlana Tchaikovskaya is exhibited in the gallery "Zimulis un Ota" in Riga, as well as preparing for her solo exhibition in Latvia.